What Should I Film? How to create videos clients will love

What Should I Film?

“What should I film?” I get that question a lot! It can be hard working out what is going to wow your clients, thrill your followers, and tip your engagement levels into overdrive. 

The key to creating engaging social media videos is by giving your customers or followers exactly what they want. It sounds easy enough, right?! But without being a mind-reader how do you work it out?

I know video research can be time-consuming and overwhelming, so I wanted to give you my three quickest secrets to finding video ideas your followers actually WANT to watch.

These quick tips will help you find video ideas that will reach your ideal customers, connect with new followers, and keep everyone tapping on those likes. 

1. Check your comments

The easiest place to start is to look at your own social media feeds. This is where your people bare their soul! Go through your last dozen or so posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and dig through the comments. It can be so revealing to see what people are talking about.

Often you’ll find themes come up: like followers wondering how you create something, where they can buy your products from, or when your next workshop might be running. Make a list of the most asked questions or most common comments.

It’s also worth having a quick root through your DMs. Perhaps you’ve got several enquires from people who are all asking about the same thing. These can give you deep insights to understanding your clients better, what they’re worried about, how you can help them, or knowing what they want.

2. Research your space

Now’s the time to get out of that social media spiral and jump on a search engine. Hit up Pinterest or YouTube for some suggestions about what’s popular in your space right now.

Type in questions or phrases you think your clients might be asking – or use some of the information you gathered from your social feeds. For me it might look something like “how do I find a videographer?” or “how do I prepare for an interview?”

And don’t be put off if you see there are already other people talking about what you wanted to make a video on. It just shows it’s a great topic and people want to hear about it. There’s space for us all.

3. Poll your audience

It might sound obvious, but just ask. I promise this doesn’t make you look amateur, it makes you seem like you actually care about creating content people will find useful. It’s a good thing! So speak to your followers and clients, and ask them what they’d like to know .

On Instagram, the simplest way to do this is through Stories. Just use the poll feature to ask your questions and you’ll get almost immediate responses.

Otherwise, create a post asking your followers directly. If you have an email list, you could send out an online poll. And when you’re working with customers, grab the chance to ask them face-to-face!

Start out by asking people: “what would you like me to make a video on?” But if you’re not getting many responses, make it easier for people. Give them options. Your research might have thrown up 2 or 3 areas people are really interested in, so ask which they’d prefer a video on: A or B?

The best way to make videos your clients will love, is to ask them what they want, and then create something that address their issues.

Make sure you do your research before you press record on that camera. There’s no point spending loads of time and effort making a video about something your followers just don’t care about. So get out there and start asking questions!! 


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