behind the scenes shots

quick montage videos

talking head clips

short + simple social videos

Great for: 

Perfect if you are a: small marketing, PR or comms team. 
Format: in person or online
Group size: max 10 people
Devices: iOS + Android
Cost: £950

My one day live course teaches you how to create amazing mini films on your phone. It’s perfect for learning how to make short form social media video, ideal for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Twitter. Together we’ll cover how to plan, shoot and edit videos using professional techniques adapted for your mobile phone. The live sessions give you a chance to get real-time expert feedback, personalised Q&As, and I can tailor the training to the needs of your team.

Live Training

Shoot Pro Video

Jo Hudson, Dep Head of Internal Communications, Metropolitan Police Service 

“Really, really interesting and going to be so useful for the team moving forward.”

Georgia Wickremeratne 
Content Marketing Producer, The Other Box

"I loved learning from Lottie. She blew my mind with some very simple and highly effective tips. My phone is the film camera I never knew I needed."

Charlotte Laing,
Director at The Content Emporium

“We loved it - the team was raving about it afterwards.”

Samantha White, Marketing Manager at Twyford School

“So pleased with our first filming debuts! We really enjoyed the process, challenging but good fun.”

Sue Llewellyn, Founder at Ultra Social.

“That was absolutely brilliant, incredibly informative and so many tricks I didn’t know.”