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Quick tips to get your mobile ready to film

I love a good camera as much as the next person, but the truth is that I shoot most of my personal videos with my phone, because it’s always with me. Most of the mini movies I create are almost entirely iPhone footage and I love the quality and versatility it gives me. But while the capabilities of mobile cameras are amazing, our smart phones do lots of other jobs as well, which can compromise their capabilities. So, before you even press record in video mode, here are a few useful tips I use to turn your mobile the best film camera it can possibly be!

Free up space

Yep, those video files take up an enormous amount of memory, and the last thing you want is to see ‘Storage Full’ flash up mid-shot. Free up as much space as you can in advance. Delete apps you never use, archive old photos and films, and generally have a clear out. Create as much space as you can – several GB at least. You can check to see how much memory is available in Settings. If you are using your mobile for filming regularly, invest in a device with as much memory as you can afford. And try to get in to the habit of deleting old files regularly. Hard to do, but it’ll mean you’ve always got space!

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Boost your juice

Of course you would dream of starting to film without a full battery, right?! But even with 100% power you can quickly find yourself running low if you are out filming during the day. Give yourself some back up and invest in a spare battery pack. They are fairly inexpensive (decent ones start at around £25) and will usually hold another full charge. Plus, rather than being tethered to a plug socket with your charging cable, it gives you the freedom to carry on filming while it is plugged in – so you won’t miss that shot!

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Preserve your power

So we know filming chews through your battery incredibly fast, but there are some things you can do to slow it down. First, make sure your mobile is not losing power because it’s busy doing other work elsewhere. Close down all the apps that are running in the background. Then, right before you start filming switch on Airplane mode. It saves heaps of power, and will also stop you getting annoying interruptions and alerts while you are in record.
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Keep it clean

It’s a bit grim to think about how much gunk your phone comes in contact with. At the very least grease and oils from your fingers can leave smudges and marks on the lens. It’s a simple thing, but giving the lens a wipe can make a huge difference to the colour and quality of your images. Get a proper lens cloth (not a tissue, it could scratch the glass) and keep it somewhere handy to whip out quickly before you start filming.

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If you’ve got any great tips about filming with your phone I’d love to hear what they are! Do you make movies with your mobile too? I’d love to see them! Leave a comment below and share your tips!  Happy filming!

Lottie x

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