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My Minimal Travel Filming Kit

Are you good at packing light? It’s a skill – one I am still learning! I still might pack way too many shoes, but I think I’ve just about nailed it for my filming gear

The last thing I want is to be weighed down kit I don’t need ‘just in case’, and this is especially true when you’re travelling. But, I also don’t want to be kicking myself when I realise I’ve forgotten something essential.

This is one reason that filming with your mobile is AWESOME for travel videos. It’s small and you’re already taking it. Plus you really can get away with just a few accessories, if any at all. Here’s my minimal travel filming kit:

My Minimal Travel Filming Kit: it packed into those two small bags! WIN!!

This is my Minimal Travel Film Kit:

  • iPhone X (not shown, it was taking the picture!)
  • GoPro Session + handle. It’s totally waterproof, pre-set at a wide angle and records with a single button push.
  • LENSES: Moment 58mm Tele Lens and Moment 18mm Wide Lens
  • AUDIO: Video Mic Pro + cables
  • EXTRA: Gobe Variable ND filter
  • Plus various chargers, adapters, battery packs and plugs

Wondering what to take? I’ve come up with FOUR key things to think about so you can pack lightly for your next adventure – and still take great videos:

  1. CONTENT What are you actually going to be shooting? Just video images? Will you want decent audio? Do you need a tripod? Think about exactly what you’re shooting for and just bring the kit you need. For example, it was a waste of space for me to bring that mic as I didn’t shoot any critical audio. I could have left it at home and had more space for duty free chocolate!
  2. LOCATION Hiking up mountains while lugging ski gear around meant I wanted kit that could fit my pockets. So I left my tripod at home (a cardinal sin, I know) and decided I’d use what I had around me to stabilise my shots instead (tables, walls, bar stools, the floor – you get the idea). Think about where you can store your kit when you arrive, and how you’re going to carry it around day to day. If it’s too big, heavy, or bulky it’ll end up staying in the hotel room – trust me!
  3. ENVIRONMENT I knew this trip was going to be bright and sunny, so bringing an ND filter (basically sunglasses for your lens) was important. But maybe you’re going on a city break in winter, or you’ll be indoors at a wedding, so your environment will be different. Perhaps you’ll need a light for shooting at night. Or a waterproof case to get video by the beach? Consider where you’ll be doing most of your filming so you can bring the best kit.
  4. CASES Protecting your gear when you travel is vital. Bags can get thrown around, and I’m not even talking about luggage handlers! My kit needs to survive me stuffing it into a tote and chucking it in an overhead locker. I don’t want to be precious about it, I’m on holiday! Lay out what you want to pack in advance and make sure you’ve got a padded case or two that will fit it all in. Then you can throw it in a rucksack and head off into the sunset.

You can check out the video I shot below:

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