MICRO VIDEOS // Quick video strategies

Micro videos {quick video strategies}

People often tell me they don’t have time to make videos. But that’s usually because they’re imagining something that involves writing a script, setting up lighting and audio, plus a lengthy editing process.

Filming micro videos mean you can use quick video strategies to get the benefits of video without a big production. Think better algorithm rankings, more engagement, and higher SEO performance. Who doesn’t want that?

Micro videos (and by that I mean videos shorter than 30 seconds) can get great results. Here’s how I make mine…

Micro Videos: quick video strategies you can use now

Why make micro videos?

Micro videos are a great way to get started with video. Rather than feeling like you’ve got to film a really in depth tutorial or host a live, small videos can still have a big impact, and help you take baby steps into the world of video.

They are also a great way to incorporate more video creation into your workflow without having to making it a big production.

Lastly, micro videos are highly engaging. One of the great things about video is that no matter how long the clip is, it’ll almost always be more engaging that a static photo post of exactly the same thing. So, if you take a photo of a sunset and a video of a sunset, and the video will usually get more engagement.

So here are my top three quick video strategies for creating more micro videos:

#1 Always swipe to video.

This strategy is so simple, you might be tempted to dismiss it. But it’s a really simple way to start creating more video, and I use it all the time when I’m teaching my video courses, because it’s such a great way to practice your filming skills.

When you get that itch to grab your camera, swipe to video instead of taking a photo. Record a few seconds of the scene rather than a still image, just 5 – 10 seconds will do.

This does several positive things for your video creation: it makes you default to video (rather than photo); it helps you practice your filming so your video skills improve; and you get faster at shooting video.

Bonus, you’ll start to grow a little library of video clips, which you can either post individually, or cut together to make mini montages. Either way, it’s an instant engagement uplift!

#2 Use video DMs

Without doubt these are the most engaging type of video I’ve ever created.

They get almost a 100% watch rate, because who doesn’t want to watch a personal message someone’s filmed for them?! Sending DM video messages is a genuis way to use the power of video one to one.

So what’s an effective way to use DM videos? There are loads.

Got a new follower? Send them a quick video message to say hi and welcome them to your account. Responding to a message? Reply with a quick video. Someone’s asked a question about your product or service? Record yourself answering in video.

There are so many ways to use this feature, and I can’t tell you how effective it is at fast-tracking your relationships with followers.

#3 Make Mini docs

Another common objection I hear about video (along with not having enough time) is that people say they don’t have anything interesting to film. Rubbish!

Sometimes we become so obsessed with thinking we need to create value all the time, but we humans are nosy. Sometimes we just want to see what the inside of your car is like, or what you ate for lunch while you were working from home.

So start making mini documentaries of your life. Those extra little snippets help make us relatable, they show people that we’re not just a one dimensional business or brand.

A few seconds documenting your day can be a great way to give your followers insights into your life, or behind the scenes of what you do.

Challenge yourself to shoot 3 five second clips of your day. They can be as simple as the view from your office window, making your morning coffee, chatting on the phone with a client, how you plan your week out, or hitting the gym after work.

Just remember…

The key thing to remember is that videos don’t need to be complicated or long. You can start small, build up your video muscle with micro videos and then graduate to longer content as your confidence grows.

And if you want to know what I use to make videos with my phone, you can check out this video HERE which shows you exactly what’s in my kitbag right now!

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