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It’s officially time to celebrate!

So many reasons to celebrate today! It’s my birthday, woo hoo, but I’m also finally launching my lovely filming business…{and, cut that rope!}

I’ve been making films for so long, but to finally have my own proper brand around it all is just so incredibly exciting.

This site is far from perfect, or even actually  finished, but we’re going for progress not perfection, people! However it is beautiful (thanks to the amazing Niki Peach) and I’m resigned to it being an ever evolving, constantly changing window to my world.


As well as a place to showcase lots of films I make,  this site is going to be packed full of lots of inspiration, tutorials, and ideas for ways you can use video for your business or just for fun!

I just adore making films and I want other people to love it too! So please have a look around and say hello in the comments!

And make sure to follow me on Instagram here as that’s where I’ll likely post most updates and blog links.

See you soon!



Also, check out how happy the kids were about me using confetti as a prop!







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