Lottie Stevenson filming for the Oscar Foundation in Mumbai

Behind the scenes in Mumbai

In May I found myself climbing through a hole in a ceiling to film an interview on the rooftops of Mumbai. I was speaking to Aarti, a 16-year-old girl who’s the only one of her 6 sisters to finish school. As the sun set over the city, we talked about gender discrimination, life as a teenage girl in Mumbai, and her ambitions for the future.

It was part of a project creating content for the Oscar Foundation, an amazing charity which is helping children from low income backgrounds stay in education across India. Through their football clubs they give children access to leadership training, digital technology, and even opportunities to travel.

This video shows a bit of what went into a very intense five day shoot. Most days we worked for 12hrs, in 38•c while battling constant dust, noise, and curious cockroaches. Huge thanks to two amazing colleagues at the Oscar Foundation, Arvind Premanand and Tanvi Redij, who recorded clips on my iPhone as we were filming around the city.

Behind the scenes filming for the Oscar Foundation in Mumbai

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