5 Social Media Video Trends You Need to Know About!

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We all know we should be creating more video – 93% of businesses say they’ve gotten a new customer thanks to a video on social media* – but the real question is WHAT? What’s the best way to leverage video to communicate your brand?

“93% of businesses say they’ve gotten a new customer thanks to a video on social media”

I am pretty nosy about things (hence my previous career as a journalist) so I’ve done a bit of digging to find out what’s trending in video this year – and give you some tips on how you can adapt them for your own business!

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#1 AMAs

Q&As are so last year! AMAs (Ask Me Anything) is where it’s at! Followers want to get to know the characters behind the brands and businesses they love – and this format allows them freedom to do just that.

Traditional Q&As still have their place, but opening up your brand for broader questions, and being prepared to answer honestly, can lift your video content above the rest. 

ACTION: It’s not as scary as you think – ask followers for questions, but remember you don’t have to answer everything. Be prepared to be human and show your personality!


As putting our faces on camera becomes the norm – our comfort levels about going live at the click of a button is growing.

Unedited, bite-sized videos, produced on the hop, and drip-fed to followers, keeps viewers hooked and helps start conversations in real time.

ACTION: Try using this trend for a launch, product development, or sale to keep followers updated. Narrate your day and share your emotion – that’s what’ll keep them tuning in!

#3 1-1 VIDEO

The personal touch is always a win, and this year is set to see a rise in 1-1 video – that’s mini films which are created for an audience of one sent through Instagram or Facebook messaging.

Brands and businesses are using this hyper-personalised content as a way to show their customers and clients they know exactly what they want – and it’s having a huge impact on engagement and sales.

ACTION: These don’t need to take ages to shoot and edit. A quick personal message filmed in one take can be enough. Can you create a short video to check in on a client? Or maybe a quick show and tell about something you know they’ll love? Perhaps a personal welcome to a Facebook group member, or hello to a new Insta fan?


Captioning increases engagement – fact. It’s on the rise because it’s now easier to do, creates more accessible content, and it’s an SEO win. Good news if you want to make your videos to work harder for you.

Facebook reported that the average reach of a captioned video was 16% higher than the same video without any text. So don’t lose viewers who might be scrolling on mute.

It makes your content more searchable too (hello, better SEO rankings) as Google and others use them to analyse your videos more accurately. Plus it means your content is more inclusive too.

ACTION: Captioning used to be a time-consuming drag, but if you can’t do it yourself, outsource to brands like rev.com or fiverr.com who’ll turn around captioning your videos within hours.


It used to be the prevail of lifestyle influencers and bloggers, but business blogging is growing – and can give smaller brands an edge.

According to LinkedIn, video is shared 20 times more than any other content, but equivalent stats play out across other platforms too.

It’s an opportunity to take your audience behind the scenes and show them the heart of your brand. It increases your authenticity and relatabilty in a way that big brands struggle to compete with.

ACTION: Take viewers with you for a day in the life at work, and give them an inside peek at your brand or business. Are there any hot video trends you’ve notice for this year? Would love to know how you’ll be using video in 2019.

* Survey polled over 1,000 marketers by Animoto – you can read more here.

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